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I'm up for a challenge!

What's next?

step One

Join our Facebook group.

Step Two

Start fundraising. Ask your friends, family and colleagues to support you.

Step Three

For the next 31 days get crunchin' and support kids with cancer!

How to Do Crunches

You may ask yourself: "How to do crunches? How many crunch types are out there? What is criss cross crunch?".

We had the same questions and now with the help of Bodytrack we've got your covered!

Check out the video before starting your challenge.

We're on your team

Empowerment Through Exercise

"Exercise has a powerful role in cancer care due to it's ability to reduce side effects of cancer and it's treatments, improve physical function, reduce psychological distress and enhance quality of life. There is nothing more rewarding than to be able to empower through exercise and Bodytrack is proud to part of a campaign that does just that. Redkite's Crunch4kids not only promotes exercise but enables the community to show their core strength and support for children, young people and families through cancer."

— Nicole O'Loughlin, Exercise Physiologist at Bodytrack Exercise Physiology

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