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My target 10000 Crunches

I’m crunching to support families facing childhood cancer

This March I’m committing to crunching everyday from the 1st to the 31st of March to support children and their families facing cancer. 


I’ve created this page because my family experienced first hand the amazing work that Redkite do and the tangible, practical assistance they provide families facing childhood cancer. I’m inspired by the work that Redkite does and wanted to support them by raising funds through my participation in the crunch4kids with cancer challenge.


Help me help them by donating to my page through the donate button now! The more people who support Redkite enables them to support more children and families, so please donate and share my page with your friends and family! Thank you for your generous support, it means a lot!


#crunch4kids #quarantoned #redkite

My Updates

Vertigo is fun

Sunday 21st Mar
So turns out I really don’t know how to do a proper crunch so trying to smash out 500+ crunches in one session probably wasn’t a good idea. I’ve strained my neck and have been nursing a nasty bout of vertigo for the last week. Tried pushing on with crunches but the vertigo was just getting worse so I’ve opted for ab workouts that won’t strain my neck. Scissor Kicks, Jack Knifes and leg raises aplenty! 

At the halfway mark

Monday 15th Mar
So I’ve had a bit of a bumpy run so far as I missed a couple of days last week but hoping I can make them up before the end of the month. Hitting at least 600 crunches the last few days. The abs still resemble a dropped pie but the extra hamburgers and midnight Mars Bars haven’t helped in that department. It’s a process right?

Artie, Spence and Ruthie help me out with the crunches most days.....and by help I mean they come and lay on me while I continue to try “crunching” that a word?? Ya heard it here first - crunching.

This 500 a day target really was a stretch

Wednesday 3rd Mar
Ooof. 500 crunches a day may have been a tad over ambitious. I am gradually increasing by 50 a day and got to 300 this evening without crying. The struggle that Artie went through and all the pain he had to abide is solid motivation to just get on with it. So; eyes on the prize, aiming for 400 tomorrow and 500 a day before the end of the week.

200 is the new 500 right??

Monday 1st Mar
When I asked Laura last week how many crunches I should aim for a day, she throws out “a casual 500 should be easy enough, you’ve got the core of a nuclear reactor young squire!” And I thought to myself, ya know what, she’s right, if I just do a few in the morning, day and night I could smash this!  Fast forward a few days, and true to form, I’ve left it to the last minute and arrogantly thought I could knock out 500 cheeky crunches in the half hour before bed. Turns out, as I suspected, I’ve got the core of a rotten apple and a really sensitive coccyx so 200 was a good as I could manage this evening without crying for mercy...Hey, it’s a solid first effort. I’ll take the win. Back at it tomorrow and aim for the 500.

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Hayley La Brooy

Good luck Pat! You're amazing!


Josie Jeffries

Sorry Pat . Just saw this. Well done


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Cassar Family

Fantastic effort Pat, you’re a champion 🙌 And we can vouch for how amazing RedKite are too x


Lee Barnes

In the immortal words of Rob Schneider from such critically acclaimed movies as The Waterboy, Little Nicky, 50 First Dates, The Longest Yard, and Bedtime Stories...."You can do it!"


Dan Gordon

Want before and after shots. If no six-pack, I want a refund!


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All the best , Pat


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Good luck Pat.


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good luck


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Good Luck Pat!!


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You got it mate!


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